How to take care of your curly hair?

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Curly hair in men can, if controlled, be of the most beautiful effect. Healthy, perfectly disciplined curls are much better than a shapeless mass resting on your head as a hairstyle. Many celebrities, singers of groups for midinettes or actors of medieval series, knew how to make their curly hair an advantage. How ? Simply by  realizing that this type of hair requires special care.

First and foremost, curly hair requires effort. Forget all the “how to look like” you’ve read so far: the man with curly hair will probably never look like Kevin Trapp. Some haircuts are not suitable for curls. Also, stay away from the straightener: you’re not going to give up so quickly.

Especially since the matter is simple: the key to perfect curly hair is simply to give it great care. Taking care of curly hair can be a pain in the ass if you don’t have the right method. A small mistake can make you look like Carlos Valderrama, a famous Colombian footballer famous for his unusual haircut: a mass of long, uncontrolled blond hair. Or to a bonsai. Learn better reflexes.

Get your hands dirty: comb or fingers

The use of the comb is not recommended for curly hair, for two reasons. First, because using them on your curls can make them look shapeless . Then, because there can be terrible consequences on your head. Indeed, their fine teeth will pull on the follicle, which is more fragile in people with curly hair than in those with straight hair, causing traction alopecia in the worst case . Behind this barbaric name hides a localized hair loss, caused most of the time by repeated attacks on the follicle.

To style curly hair, it is better to be content with your hands. They allow you to shape your curls much more easily, making everything more homogeneous. Better not to make it complicated when you can make it simple.

Use the right styling product for your curly hair

When it comes to styling, it all depends on what you’re looking to do. If you’re looking to show off a cropped cut and make your curls shine , use a styling cream. This will allow you to fix your hair without inhibiting its natural movement .

If you’re just looking to give your curly hair a bit more volume and texture, a salt-based product such as texturizing spray will style both your long and short hair while leaving it feeling light. You can, in addition, pretend that you are back from vacation, every day. Two birds with one stone.

Save your shampoo (and choose the right one)

Curly, frizzy, or frizzy hair needs special care because it tends to dry out faster . Dehydration of the hair, on the other hand, only makes things worse. Of course, you already know that too frequent shampoos can dry out your hair by reducing the secretion of sebum necessary for their good health, especially when you have curly hair. Plus, cutting back on shampoo will allow your hair to produce oil at its own pace , giving it a welcome natural shine to impress your straight-haired friends and ride the curly hair trend.

Avoid overly aggressive shampoos : instead use a mild moisturizing shampoo, for dry hair, adapted to your hair, with nourishing ingredients to best preserve the hydration of your hair. Our shampoo for dry hair contains ingredients like kukui oil, dedicated to keeping your hair moisturized.

Don’t forget the conditioner, the essential for curly hair

The use of conditioner is a beauty tip for all hair types, and even more so for curly hair since it makes it easier to comb and make the hair shinier. For curly hair, it is almost indispensable. Some ingredients nourish the hair, such as kokum or mango butters. These three ingredients go into the composition of our nourishing conditioner, a winning asset for curly hair.

Of course, do not use the excuse of time: the use of this conditioner requires only two minutes of application. Who doesn’t like spending two more minutes in the shower after a long day or too short a night?

Here you are ready to make your curly hair a strength whether you have short or long hair. It’s a good bet that you’ll soon be making your straight-haired friends jealous.

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