How to take care and maintain your short hair?

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Short hair has the reputation of being easy to maintain on a daily basis… However, it is essential to have the right gestures and the right care for shiny and healthy hair.

Find tips for taking care of your short hair!

Take care of your short hair

Have a short female hair cut does not mean neglecting it. Many people think that short hair is low maintenance. It’s wrong ! Hair, whether short or long, requires appropriate care for it to look beautiful. Unless you have a very short Jean Seberg cut, it is essential to brush your hair well. The brushing step so popular with grandmothers has many advantages. In the evening, it notably helps to rid the hair of pollution and any other residue that has slipped into it. Short hair also requires regular shampoos. It is not necessary to make a conditioner, but highly recommended to apply a mask once a week. The hair may be short, but it is generally put to the test with many styling products.

shampoos for short hair

To highlight your short haircut, make sure to shampoo regularly to keep your hair clean. Short hair means less shampoo than long hair and less time in the shower. Whether short or long, it is essential to choose shampoos (in addition to Schwarzkopf colouring, shine and care products) of quality and adapted to your hair type. There are many specific products for dry, oily, colored, curly, volumeless or dandruff-prone hair. The main thing is that you choose a soft and light product. A shampoo can be done every day depending on your haircut and the styling products used. It may be necessary to wash your hair every day in order to style it properly.

Conditioners for short hair

The question of the conditioner regularly divides women with short hair. Those who have a really very short haircut do not need it. The length of their hair does not require applying conditioner after shampooing. It should be remembered that a conditioner is mainly intended to detangle the hair. Those who have a cut a little longer like a square prefer to regularly use the conditioner. If you have a fuzzy bob, the hair tends to tangle. It is therefore useful to make a conditioner. The advice to follow is to avoid products that are too heavy at the risk of weighing down the hair too much.

masks for short hair

Just because the hair is short doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be pampered. Regardless of its length, hair needs regular nourishing care. Unlike long hair, there are usually no issues with dry ends, but the hair may be dry or dull. The mask nourishes the hair to make it shiny and give it good health. It is all the more essential if you have colored hair. It is common for a woman with short hair to also have colored hair. Colors (and bleaches) are often aggressive for the hair. It is therefore essential to bring hydration to the hair at least once a week. Remember that the longer the mask is applied, the more effective it is.

Style her short hair

Short hair comes back into fashion every year… The biggest Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway or Emma Watson have already taken the plunge. The French also succumbed to the trend like Alessandra Sublet or Audrey Tautou. Rare are those who dare this cut without combing their hair! It’s not about getting out of bed and being ready. A nice short haircut requires maintenance based on styling products (gel, mousse, wax or spray depending on the cut and the nature of the hair) which are real allies. You also have to think about the hairdressing budget. A short cut requires a trip to the hairdresser every 5 to 8 weeks to keep it beautiful and trendy.

The most easy-care short haircuts

Short cuts are not equal when it comes to maintenance. The easiest cut to maintain is the very short cut. Shampooing is quick, there’s no need for detangler and no styling. It remains essential that the cut is well executed to remain feminine and sophisticated at the risk of passing for a little boy. The boyish cut (formerly, boyish cut) has many followers. It has the advantage of being longer and it is still easy to maintain on a daily basis. For those who are still afraid of scissors, the ideal is to go step by step through a square. The easiest to maintain is the fuzzy square that does not require blow-drying.

Moisturizing hair care

Beautiful hair is above all well hydrated hair. The hydrolipidic film naturally protects the hair fiber from external aggressions and gives shine to the hair. In order to strengthen and preserve this film, regularly use moisturizing hair care. To moisturize your short hair on a daily basis, prefer aloe vera, which effectively hydrates the hair without making it greasy. In fact, short hair greases more easily, because the sebum secreted by the scalp spreads more quickly throughout the hair. A dab of aloe vera gel before styling your hair in the morning will moisturize your hair while softening it for easier styling. For deeper care, opt for a nutrient-enriched mask to apply once a week,

The right gestures for her hairstyle on short hair

In order to succeed in your hairstyle on short hair, you have to know how to treat your hair in the right way! First of all, be careful not to overload your hair with unnecessary products. Choose cosmetics adapted to your hair type and do not abuse styling products. One of the benefits of short hair is that it doesn’t tangle easily. You can therefore do without the conditioner, which will allow you to gain volume! To style them, simply use a comb and a small brush.

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